nedjelja, 13. ožujka 2011.

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ponedjeljak, 1. studenoga 2010.

Best friends

I don't have best friends. Sometimes i even think i don't have friends. 

Few years ago i moved to a place where i only knew one person - my husband. I thought it will get easier, that i will find some great friends, but it seems that it's hard to find new friends when you're all grown up, when you're not a kid.

I want to have best friend. Where can i buy that?

subota, 30. listopada 2010.

What I love? SNAIL MAIL

There is some special feeling when you open your postbox and a letter (or two, three or six) is waiting for you. Every snail mail lover will tell you the same. 

You pick up your letters, come inside the house, sit in some cozy chair, make your favorite tea and just enjoy words that your friend from other country wrote you. What do you read about? About their lives, dreams, wishes, sad times, thoughts, about some good book they've read or exciting movie they've seen. Topics can't be counted.. Your penpal can send you pieces of her/his life with their letter, too. So, in the envelope you can find postcards, pictures, crafts they've made, coins from that country - EVERYTHING. You will feel like you're part of your penpals life in some beautiful way. Words are definitely the most beautiful thing we people can use.

It's a shame that that beautiful ART is dying. Why is that happening - computers, laziness, lack of time?

When i come to the post office to send some letters decorated with stickers and in nice envelopes, post clerks are watching me like i am weird, like no one ever send nice and friendly letter anymore. Is that really happening? 
Don't let the snail mail dies.

petak, 29. listopada 2010.