ponedjeljak, 1. studenoga 2010.

Best friends

I don't have best friends. Sometimes i even think i don't have friends. 

Few years ago i moved to a place where i only knew one person - my husband. I thought it will get easier, that i will find some great friends, but it seems that it's hard to find new friends when you're all grown up, when you're not a kid.

I want to have best friend. Where can i buy that?

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  1. I have blogged about this particular thing! I have been dubbed "not a good friend". I just seem to get wrapped up in my life as a mother and wife that friends fall to the way side. OR, when I do have time for friends...I prefer to spend my time alone. I think there are benefits to it but I also have felt the repercussions of not having a lot of good friends. Good Luck!

  2. svratila sam te pozdraviti kao imenjakinju i zahvaliti ti na lijepim komentarima na mojim blogovima:))....
    vjerujem da će nekada biti zanimljivo ako budemo ostavljale komentare na istim blogovima:))))...
    pozdrav iz rijeke:))...

  3. I don't make friends easily either... and so have a few whom I try and keep in touch with...once in a month or two...I hope you find your own set of friends who you'd be comfortable with...

  4. It can be so hard to make friends - I think it's harder to make friends as adults than it is for children. Sometimes it can take years to build up a good group of close friends, especially if you're not an out going type of person (like me)! Maybe you could try joining a group or taking a class in something you're interested in to meet new people?

  5. If you figure it out, let me know. I have lived in my town for seven years and I still dont have a friend to hang out with. If you ever move to southern Utah let me know and we could friend up.

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